Bunkyo Gospel Centre



About Us

Bunkyo Gospel Centre is a Christian Church community connected with a group called Free Christian Mission Fellowship. This is a mission group that has been involved in starting many Churches in the Hokuriku area of Japan.

We want to glorify God with all we do and we aim to make disciples by helping people know the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This good news about Jesus Christ is in the Bible, which we beleive contains everything that God wants us to know. It shows us how we can have a relationship with the Living God, and gives us great practical wisdom for every day life. You can read the Bible online here

Missions Trips

Are you looking for opportunities to serve God in Japan? If you would like to join us in mission by coming here to help in our ministry, please contact us! We can give you more details about how you can help and be a part of what God is doing here! Send us an email.